Looking around for senior living communities that offer the proper care for what you or your loved one may need can be overwhelming at times. At Luxe Senior Living at Jupiter, we offer luxury services, including assisted living and memory care. The differences between the two are critical to know when making a decision. Both offer supportive care with highly trained staff members. Let’s go through the difference between assisted living and memory care and what each of them entails.  


What Is Assisted Living? 

Assisted living is a type of housing created for seniors who need various types of medical and personal care. Designed for wellness, our apartments and shared quarters are meant to promote residents’ independence. Within their independent quarters, we also have a 24/7 nursing station, daily check-ins from staff, and a call system for immediate assistance. Our assisted living staff will manage medications and if needed, assist in using the bathroom, dressing, and grooming. Luxe Senior Living at Jupiter is a luxury assisted living facility that has many resort-style amenities to help our residents feel comfortable and independent: 


  • Fitness and Wellness Center 
  • Business Center 
  • Movie Theater 
  • Gourmet Chef 
  • Coffee Shop 
  • Beauty Salon and Spa 
  • Laundry Services 
  • Putting Green 
  • Fire Pits and Fountains 


We want to provide our residents with the care they need while they still enjoy a life they love. It’s the main reason the Luxe community was created.  

assisted living community


What Is Memory Care? 

This type of service is specialized care for those living with neurocognitive medical conditions like Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Our memory care units offer secure environments where our staff can closely monitor the health of its residents. Luxe Senior Living at Jupiter also provides spacious common areas to host activities, entertainment, and provides a safe place to enjoy outdoor views.  


5 Key Differences 

  1. Staff Training: While our memory care and assisted living staff share similar training,  our memory care facilities boast staff with extra training and experience working with issues residents with dementia often face. Issues may include swallowing difficulties, wandering, and anxiety.  
  1. Specialized Activities: Different types of therapies can help those with dementia access different parts of their brain. These are the types of activities you’ll find in memory care facilities. While in assisted living, the activities are there more to entertain the residents. 
  1. Fine Dining:  Luxe Senior Living at Jupiter provides three meals a day and a gourmet chef to prepare the meals. Both assisted living and memory care services offer dining in social settings. Residents in the memory care unit get provided an environment conducive to their independence and dignity. 
  1. Specialized Environment: Designed with comfort and wellness in mind, all of our residential suites are located on the ground floor of our centers. That offers comfort and safety. Our residence is divided into three units of ten, each equipped with a common and dining area creating a calming and intimate environment. Our secure outdoor space is overflowing with lush gardens and great views for the residents to enjoy. Residents are always accompanied by a caregiver or family member.  
  1. Making A Difference: People living with neurocognitive conditions may want to keep their independence and need little assistance in their day-to-day lives. Our memory care unit is here to be the bridge between the care they do need and the life they want to live. They can enjoy the common areas, and the events hosted there, while still getting care from our 24/7 nursing staff.  


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If you or your loved one need assisted living services or memory care, Luxe Senior Living at Jupiter is a great community to call home. Contact us today to learn more about our luxury assisted living facility and high-end memory care services.